Owning a pet can improve your life in many ways. They relieve stress or anxiety, protect you and make you happy for many years.

However, owners often have to endure the painful experience of their pets getting older and watching their pets die.

A woman who was told her beloved terrier has only eight weeks to live has decided to make the most of her pet’s final days.

Jillian Dibble created a bucket list for dogs after Daisy was diagnosed with lymphoma, fluid in her lungs, and a heart murmur.

The Florida woman told ABC Action News, “When I got the call that he had lymphoma, I was so sad and didn’t know how to say goodbye.

“And I’ve decided that we’re going to have as much fun with it as we want. We’re trying to get the most out of it and I’ve made a bucket list for dogs.

“I want to make him happy. He’s been my friend and my dog ​​for 12 years.”

On her awesome list, Jillian wants Daisy to eat Starbucks Pupachino, order a burger at McDonald’s, have ice cream at Avenue, and go to the beach.

There are a lot of things on this list that are not difficult to do, some dogs can go through them weekly, but Jillian tries to do them all at least once before the eight weeks are up.

Also on the to-do list are hanging out with friends at the dog park, going to the pet store and all the toys, eating steak, swimming at Grandma’s, going BBQ on the A1A with doors window down and listen. big music.

Multiple sclerosis. Dibble wants Daisy to visit fire stations, take pictures, decorate footprints, paint, watch sunrise or sunset, and “follow the scent wherever you go.”

Dog owners are also hoping to raise money for Daisy to raise funds for shelter animals and then donate the money so the dog can receive love and care in the future.

You can do something amazing for your dog that will surely make you cry tears of joy. I’m not crying, you are

By Pablo