Many actors have appeared in popular British TV shows

Follow Hyacinth Bucket (aka “The Bouquet”) on the ’90s sitcom “Keeping Up” as she struggles between her working-class roots and her emerging middle-class identity. Social rockers and soap operas have resonated with posh British audiences and produced some great characters.

Composed and written by Roy Clark, it has sold nearly 1,000 copies to foreign broadcasters as of February 2016, despite only airing between 1990 and 1995. Two regular Coventry filming locations featured on the list of the best sitcoms of all time that have actually been used . Hyacinth, Daisy and Onslow are away from home.

The film features many great characters, each representing people we know in real life, and other performances featuring talented actors.

Patricia Routledge – Hyacinth Thùng Barrel

Routledge has always appeared on television, film, and stage, but the show’s success has made him a household name. The 93-year-old Tony and Olivier Award winner starred in the 1996-1998 crime thriller The Heidi Winthrop Investigation.

After the series ended, the Birkenhead-born actress rediscovered her early love of the stage and toured in 2014 in numerous productions including Honest Matters, Best Friends , Participation Fee: A Shilling and Ideal Husband.

Known for her tireless work ethic, Routledge will continue to compete in 2021. In 2017, she was awarded the Dame by the late Queen for her contributions to Drama and Charity. Pride hyacinth.

Jeremy Gittins – Michael (Pastor)

Gittin’s character is the vicar of St. Mark’s in the UK, and he calls his wife a “cluttered woman” when referring to Hyacinth. Frost, new turns and mid range kill.

In 2020, Gittings appeared on the TV show Pointless with co-star Jodie Cornwell, who played Daisy in Saving the Picture.

Geoffrey Hughes-Onslow

Hyacinth’s brother-in-law, Hughes, who played Onslow on the sitcom, described the character as “shy and stuck “. Most people recognize him for his role as Twiggy in the hit comedy Royals, playing Jim and Dave’s best friend. and is known for selling knockoffs, but also starred in the films “Etuk Tangan Jogorku”, “Heartbeat”, “Victim”. ” and “Leather”.

Hughes died in 2012 at the age of 68 from prostate cancer, first diagnosed in 1996.

Clive Swift Richard Barker

Swift, who played Hyacinth’s ailing husband on the sitcom, was thrilled to see the pair go together. Clive, who died in 2019 at the age of 82, mourns his on-screen wife: “Clive was a skilled and creative actor with a wealth of experience, as evidenced by his career success. “

After maintaining her image, Swift went on to star in Doctor Who, The Cuckoo, Top Practice, The Old Man and finally Kill Midterm. In addition to being an actor and musician, Swift toured with Richard Bucket in 2007 in Overflow: The Audience with Clive Swift, two years later Clive Swift entertained her with music and lyrics.

Swift’s son, Joe, is a regular on BBC’s Gardening World, as well as a garden designer  and  presenter.

Judy Cornwell – Daisy

Cornwell plays Daisy, Hyacinth’s sister, who is married to Onslow. Although he is best known for his role in Keeping Up with the Hope, he has also appeared in many British productions including The Famous Five, Killing Midterms, EastEnders, Things Are Different, Heartbeat and The Great Movie. David Copperfield and Persuasion. .

Cornwell, 82, is best known for playing Miss Marple in several theatrical productions, including Murder Announced, from 2014 to 2016. Also in 1996, his fourth novel “Fear and Mercy” was published.

By Pablo