Morgan Freeman is a great actor. But the star of The Shawshank Redemption and Miss Daisy Driving is happy to play alongside other capable actors. That’s the role of two of the best teams…

Morgan Freeman  is a great actor. Right. However, upon watching one of Stephen Hopkins’  underrated films , “Under Suspicion” with Gene Hackman, 

Playing 50/50 with other actors, or going head-to-head between lead singer and heroine, Freeman rarely takes on a lead role without a talented co-star.

I’m very interested in screen time sharing. He always puts on the best shows with other famous stars. Of course, it helps if co-stars include the likes of Jack Nicholson Gene Hackman , Tim Robbins,  Christian Slater  , and Jessica Tandy.

10. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Morgan Freeman and Robin Hood aka  Kevin Costner together steal from the rich and give to the poor. This is one of many films in which Costner underperforms one of his co-stars. Although  in Prince Maling

9. Sister Betty

Chris Rock stars alongside Morgan Freeman as a killer who pushes waitress Renee Zellweger into a fugitive after witnessing her husband’s murder. Neil LaBute’s dark comedy  is one of the best movies of 2000.

8. Kissing girls

Freeman plays detective Alex Cross in this exciting adaptation of the James Patterson novel. Here, he stars alongside the brilliant Ashley Judd as the two attempt to track down and catch a brutal killer.

7. heavy rain

Morgan Freeman vs. Christian Slater in Speed ​​Up Us  by Writer-Producer Team 

6. Group List

Freeman stars alongside Jack Nicholson in this bittersweet tale of two terminally ill men planning their dreams before they die.

5. Doubts

Gene Hackman and Freeman’s brilliant pairing is at the heart of this academic thriller, set primarily in the sheriff’s office.

Based on the 1981 French film Garde à vue

4. Redeem Shawshank

Shawshank Day 

There, he meets Andy Dufresne, played by Tim Robbins, who has been sentenced to two life sentences for the murder of his wife and lover . The two are friends for more than 20 years in the movie that is loved by the audience.

3. Drive to Miss Daisy

Morgan Freeman Joins  Lovely Jessica Tandy in Bruce Beresford’s ‘Driving  Miss Daisy’

2. Unforgivable

Morgan Freeman plays Clint Eastwood’s ex-partner  in the Academy Award-winning Unforgiven, Back in Time.

Freeman joins a Hollywood legend on his revenge mission for killing a prostitute. But sheriff Bill Daggett Jr., played by the brilliant Gene Hackman, gets in the way.

1. seven

In addition to Brad Pitt, the film also stars Morgan Freeman. Freeman plays old detective William R. Somerset in David Fincher’s epic thriller.

The ruthless cop has seen a lot in his long career, but his new partner, Detective David Mills (Pete), must channel his youthful energy into the shadows. Vice City’s eternity.

By Pablo