The winning performance will be performed from April 21 to May 7

MONROE, Ga. – Monroe Community Theater, On Stage Playhouse, presents nine performances of Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning comedy Driver Miss Daisy on April 21.

The Atlanta Story was written by playwright Alfred Uhry and premiered on Broadway in 1988 and won an Academy Award in 1989.

The play tells the story of Daisy Watson, an elderly Jewish widow who decides to live independently. But when his car broke down, Bully’s son hired a black driver, Hawk Coleburn. Their relationship started off uneventful, but over the years, a close friendship has developed that transcends racial prejudice and social conventions.

One of the biggest surprises in this “On Stage” performance is that Hawke’s usual male character is played by a woman named Dee Bailey. Veteran actors Paige Goode play Daisy and William McGregor as Bully. Board member Amanda Gibson directed the play on stage.

“We unwittingly selected Hawke for sex reassignment surgery,” says Gibson. “But Dee’s role is special. She has a natural feel for the role.”

Bailey said, “At first, I joked about getting the role because I thought it wasn’t going to happen – until then! It’s been an honor and privilege to bring Hawk Coulburn to life from one person’s perspective. More than that, I think it even happens to change the depth of the friendship between Hawk and Daisy. “It’s been a wild ride! Of course!”

Gibson said, “I love that this story takes place 20 years ago, but there are still moments that show how relationships develop over time and how these characters learn from each other. I love dramas that send important messages, and this story shows that. accept my terms.”

April 21, 22, 28 and 29 and May 5 and 6 at 8 pm; April 30 and May 7 at 2:00 pm. Ticket price is $20. The May 2 event starts at 7:30 and tickets are $10. The show on April 22 is the seventh sign language, a new feature in the theatrical program. For more information, visit the theater’s website at

Tickets for On Stage members will go on sale March 31. General admission tickets will be available April 7 online and at Carmichael’s in Monroe. Carmichael tickets are cash or check only. A credit card is required to shop online at

Audiences on stage now have the option to wear masks. This is subject to change based on CDC recommendations.

On-Stage Playhouse is located at 215 High School Avenue in Monroe. Free parking is available.

By Pablo