In Shakespeare’s country comedies,  as one might expect

Life expectancy in Elizabethan England was very low. If you have something to say, say it quickly, before life turns upside down.

Shakespeare reached 52nd place before giving up his chip. Imagine if he lived for another 20 years, we would be richer because of the scope and quality of his literary output.

One of the misconceptions about aging is that wisdom comes with age. This is not the time of the year. Parents don’t get smarter overnight. We have become ourselves. I am 29 years old trapped in an 82 year old body.

Hollywood and the film industry have built their empires by creating memorable old characters in movies. Movies  like Golden Pond

rich journeySumerki Avenueforest beardAngry old mansunshineultimate wishlistHarold and MaudcocoonHarry and TontoGreat Turinhello Mr. Chipdriving queen chrysanthemum

These movies have various mature characters and scenarios that make us laugh, cry, and sometimes leave us restless.

Who said this line:

“I’m getting bigger! This is how I’m getting smaller.”

– I’ll leave at midnight.

“Now, Norman, hurry up. Idiot! Idiot! They’ve come back to us.”

— Mr. Kowalski, do you have any objections?

– I think sometimes you don’t feel that God is giving you lemons.

“I think if you’ve lived away from home and family long enough, you’ve been here long enough.”

The most memorable movie on this list is Goodbye Mr. Chips in 1939  .

Literature is full of old characters. If you want to read a sad story about old people,  try Shakespeare’s King Lear

Old age is not a weakness. For some, this is a tough challenge.

I know I can’t live forever, it’s normal for me. In the morning,  I checked the obituary on the screen

I was accused of being an abusive parent. I was also accused of being an angry guy.

So it’s best to mumble.

High end coffee club. It is a social ritual performed every morning in the civilized world, even in New Hampshire. Old people gather to celebrate another day on earth.

In an exclusive coffee club, the conversation around the table is often about pain and illness. Finding a doctor is the most important thing. The number of pills you’ve taken, the new mole on your arm, the number of times you walk around in the middle of the night, and the excruciating pain in your butt are all hot topics. If you have comprehensive health insurance, you’ll be at the top of every doctor’s list.

In addition to the traditional health problems associated with aging, many older adults struggle with obesity. A sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise can lead to weight gain, which can exacerbate health problems. It may be time to install a time lock on your refrigerator door. It automatically opens twice a day for five minutes. Just enough time to grab a jar of mustard, slices of ham and cheese, pickles, and a bottle of beer.

The close relationship with me in the last years of my life was shameful. The contents of the apothecary in my bathroom look like a small apothecary. I have all the elixirs, potions, lotions, and potions that can cure any disease, wound, or defect known to man. They are there to remind me of my death.

I can’t read tea leaves or tarot cards. As for our future, I have no answer. Better parents like me should step back and make room for the next generation who will hopefully become better managers than we are.

Elderly people are often overlooked and treated as disposable. The Social Security Act of 1935 was intended to provide a safety net for the elderly. Historically, it has been opposed by many interest groups, including Republicans, conservatives, and liberals. They argued that the laissez-faire welfare system was superior to the welfare programs provided by the government. Some want to get rid of Social Security as well. I think you would be surprised how many seniors in the United States and New Hampshire depend on Social Security benefits.

I’ve heard many complaints about taxpayers’ Social Security costs. They mock the grateful, lazy, irresponsible parents who depend on Social Security. I recommend returning your Social Security check to the federal treasury to reduce the national debt if you’re interested in this topic. You have changed the subject.

There is no need to live in the past. Tomorrow will be a new day. I put on my best dress, check the medicine cabinet, put on a big smile and go out and declare that I am still here and worthy of attention.

So my senior supervisor

By Pablo