We teamed up with the Avengers against Freddy. Jason, but there are several intersections to consider…

It doesn’t happen often in theaters, but when it does, the crossover will attract an exceptional audience. Whether it’s Freddy  and Jason breaking two worlds of horror, the Kong vs. The first Godzilla or the guest appearance of Roger Rabbit  in Disney and Looney Tunes , fans were generally excited about the idea (although the results were sometimes contradictory). Other) Combining two (or more) independent IPs doesn’t seem to be an issue as expected.

That’s the synergy of the MCU, with all the cross-promotion gimmicks that are so common these days. Of course, for him and DC, it follows the comic source that was born (at least in the movie), but fans love watching universes and characters collide. That said, we have yet to see the ultimate crossover, so get ready to step into dreamland with ten must-see crossovers…

It started as an internet prank and turned into petty gossip, but how did the crossover between the muppet and Benoit Blanc happen? Rian Johnson’s iconic detective performance will be repeated over the years at various times, as audiences love the film’s star-studded absurdity and old-fashioned drama. There is no basis in reality, as the movie repeats all the best detectives to detectives with uncanny shamelessness.

Whether it’s Knives Out  or  the over-the-top humor of  Onion Pages , Blanc’s foray into the world of Puppetry doesn’t seem so silly. Perhaps if Johnson and Jason Segel (who starred in the 2011 reboot) teamed up, we’d have a mysterious story that unites the two worlds. But on top of that, some are pretty funny, let’s face it, after Daniel Craig’s latest dance antics, he must be happy to be in a musical. 

Mad Max vs Terminator

By the way, this is a great idea, I’m going to file a copyright claim and ask for a screenwriter’s work. Post-apocalyptic events lead Max to wander in a very hazy desert landscape. Other than that, it’s a Hollywood kid that we can relive and re-engage with to our heart’s content. 

Long after machines have ruled the planet and humans have invaded it, we have Max’s world of fire and blood. About Mad Max, at least from the path of warrior to the path of crime  , the character is responsible for a big story, so what happens when he wants to enter a post-apocalyptic city surrounded by The robots ultimately control who wants to shoot. Will it help rebuild the government and get the job done?

John Connor gave up long ago, and now it’s Mad Max’s turn, played by angry and disillusioned Mel Gibson, led by Arnold’s T-800 and the Endo Skeleton team. With George Miller on board, we finally have another chance to make a great Terminator movie. A desert car chase is also required to complete all chases. Skydance or Warner… give me a call. 

Rambo and the Dutch vs Predator

We still have work for Arnie. The idea of ​​Dutch legend Schwarzenegger sharing the screen with Stallone legend John Rambo has been discussed for decades. From a certain studio? Probably not, but among action fans, the idea of ​​sharing the Rambo and Monsters universe is almost a nightmare. 

A close second pick would be Arnold’s John Matrix character teaming up with Rambo to battle the beast , but that’s better since the Dutch are experienced. The genuine Predator is cross-supported, sharing a screen with another ET threat, Xenomorph and two Alien vs. carnivorous animals.

Perhaps the Dutch will return after retirement to confront threats from abroad. He called Rambo, an old vet he had met. John J. Finally, we bring in some resurrected soldiers played by Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren to support the force. Lundgren wears complex, collared ears and a predatory lower jaw .

John Wick and Ethan Hunt

The world of John Wick  is very personal, incomparable to other action series. There are many dark myths and nefarious organizations, but the world Ethan Hunt lives in is not without it. 

Today, John Wick/Keanu leads the action genre with Tom Cruise (as Hunter or Maverick). They are the last two fortresses, and the ability to cooperate with larger enemies is exciting. 2023  John Wick  and  Mission:  Impossible Action. Let’s collect crazy cats. Since Cruise and Wick are bound to have to part ways at some point, it has been suggested that Wick will be the target of the IMF before joining forces, operating in the illegal world, and doing shady things. haunted. What crazy stunts can Tom Cruise do? 

Luther and James Bond

How long have we heard rumors that Idris Elba will replace Daniel Craig as James Bond? It feels like forever, and even though Elba is great, he’s gotten to the point where he might be too old for the role. 

Bonds can cover different times and scenes. There is a certain process to the role that allows it to constantly renew itself. So anyone playing that role can participate in this crossover. A consistent comment among (or many) good reviews of Luther  : Fallen Sun , otherwise it’s a big budget spectacle that lacks a character base, flawed detective origins, and good spy drama best of Elba (try it out). Bond franchise. 

Despite the sunset  , Elba is still worth watching, and associating Luther with 007 antics can be quite amusing. 

Surprised compared to DC

Well, in this regional Hollywood world, that’s not possible unless Disney uses its financial monopoly power to acquire DC Studios. The last  two Avengers movies have been epic, with almost every major Marvel character coming together to fight for the universe.

Is there a Marvel version? It’s gorgeous on every level, not least that it doesn’t scale with large ensembles. We’re at the stage where both studios have started working on the characters. Sure, fans like Ant-Man or Shazam, but the average person on the street knows Spidey, Batsy, Supesy, or Ironsy. 

Nobody thought about Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny until they had screens. A Marvel Crew lineup against DC bigwigs like Superman and Batman would be a realistic way to do something with the scale and stakes to top Avengers: Endgame . Go to Disney, make a deal!

Riddick versus aliens

Vin Diesel, Richard B. Riddick travel to space and face challenges. The original Dark Ink , still the best movie ever, is actually a parody of James Cameron’s Alien  , replacing Xenomorph with a light-hating bat-like alien. 

Riddick may return to explore his home world, but perhaps one day the extremely versatile Furyan will encounter the less flexible Xenomorph (who will also return). Little is known about the xenomorph’s mobility, but we’ve seen how many outposts, ships, and worlds they’ve been through and it goes without saying that Riddick will be able to meet them. Also, call me an idiot, but I really like the Riddick Chronicles and I’m curious about the Underverse. It will be especially interesting to explore the world and where Riddick will meet Xenomorph.

By Pablo