Dan Aykroyd’s Forgotten Film isn’t exactly a classic, but it still provides some much-needed tape.

Dan Aykroyd  has made some great films in his career  (The Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters, etc.).

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Released January 15, 1988,  Couch Trip

Honestly, 30 years later,  the best review of Sofa Tours

spies like us

Is it because the plot is too far-fetched? Mind you, this all happened when a famous radio psychiatrist went insane and had to switch at the last minute for a much-needed break. Or, as one reviewer said, doesn’t the movie – like most classics of the time – end in the third act?

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However, I would like to spend an afternoon with The Couch Trip

Here are five things you didn’t know about your couch tour

  1. Aykroyd’s character shares the same prison number (7474505B) as Jack in The Blues Brothers.Trade place.
  2. Aykroyd and Dixon were married during filming. They also appeared together in the films “A Spy Like Us”, “Doctor Detroit”, “Escape to Eden”.  “Twilight”: Movie.
  3. Chevy Chase  played an actor in a TV commercial convincing his son that he had a condom. He will be working alongside Akroyd on the ill-fated Caddyshack II nothing but obstacles
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  5. The film ends with the same music ( Marriage of FigaroTrading places

By Pablo