Ever since Al Miller’s second felony conviction was announced by the Federal Court, he and his partner Herro Blair have gone all over the media trying to convince us that “nuh nutten was staged.” .

fair enough. But seeing the disdainful media pundits often drink buckets of Al and Erros’ Kool-Aid makes me sick. Al and Herro’s adventures reflect Herro’s extravagant, baseless, and senseless accusations against JCF. No one burned their feet.

He said the sheriff approved the plan to hand over Dudus and gave him the option to turn Dudus over to the police station or the US embassy. He said Dudus chose the embassy because he was afraid the police would kill him. Trevor McNaughton, Tony Brevett and Brent Dow (The Melodians):

I have a small seed.

no one can handle me

but silver nutmeg

and yellow pear…

Let’s see how badly the media has failed in the Swiss cheese debate.

  1. No sheriff should allow Jamaicans to break the law. A Jamaican court has issued an arrest warrant for Dudus (West Kingston Investigative Committee says 69), who killed 73 Jamaicans, committed genocide to carry out the order and pretended to be a madman “providing” real money legitimacy for refugees. . pick up. ‘ sent to the embassy;
  2. So this is an impossible proposition. If you had tried, you would have thought that a tripartite meeting between the Commission, the Embassy and the People would begin with a bow. There is no such statement.
  3. The embassy immediately refused to sign Ayer. Komish refused to testify. The defense chose not to call him.

    If you listen closely, you can see that the “discussion” Gerro is talking about took place before the capture of Tivoli. This is not a debate. During the investigation, Manatt, Golding and Ellington admitted to contacting Al, who said he tried to convince Dudus to turn himself in.

    However, Al was dreaming, but the judge refused, and the commissioner gave Al the opportunity to drive Miss Daisy regularly after several weeks, but Herro did not see her. He certainly wouldn’t give such evidence in Al’s trial.

    When a potential buyer is entrusted with an intermediary, the exact information is pre-agreed on where and when. Why didn’t the detective tell the police he was on an approved mission? If everything went to plan, what was the fugitive wearing?

    A quiet night in June

    when my plants start to bloom

    I saw him in front of me

    a girl who looks like a queen

    This is not the first time a judge has denied Als’ request for a criminal trial. When charged with criminal negligence for stealing a gun, Als apologizes for being caught with a plum.

    To my surprise, he would

    What does God want him to do?

    he must be my love, you know

    so it happens

    The judge dismissed the affidavit, in which Pastor Al said, “I think the judge made his decision based on the information he gathered, even if it was incorrect. .. it’s still questionable.”

    instructions have been rejected

    After Miss Daisy’s driving incident certificate was again denied, she repeated the same accusations, then called for help, with a cartoon-sounding Chineyman shouting into the phone: “Herrooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ” Then the duo themed the comedy show “Can’t blame Al”. Remember, He is perfect. He wrote (

    collector, January 13, 2013): “The Church and its representatives are the main Christ-bearers in the world and through them, Mr. Robinson, everything must be led. Mr. Robinson, you cannot. surpass us because we are the only ones. True and original representatives [on earth]. I and many others certainly have history, evidence, lifestyle and character…”

    He should count his blessings. James Forbes was fined $800,000 for the first speed violation. Constable Lin Sue (first offense; tampering with evidence) was sentenced to six months in prison. He was arrested while taking Jamaica’s most wanted man to a zero clearance facility. The executor allegedly denied it several times.

    One of the most ridiculous arguments is comparing Al to Jesus Christ, “the most notorious criminal”. But Jesus wanted to be judged. He refused to defend himself. The trial, execution, and execution of Jesus were all part of God’s plan. Driving for Miss Daisy, Charrad is another fish that smells bad. Peace and love.

By Pablo