The comedy series Keeping Up Hope, which ran from 1990 to 1995, remains one of the BBC’s most popular television series at home and abroad. A 2016 report showed the rights to the show, created by Roy Clark (“Last of Summer Wine”), which sold more than 900 copies overseas, garnering interest from “Sherlock”, “Top Gear” and other popular programs. 

What made this light-hearted comedy so critically acclaimed? According to Clarke, it’s Patricia Routledge’s protagonist Hyacinth Barrell – pronounced “bouquet” – who asks the elite of society to avoid disturbing everyone around her, including her husband Richard (Clive Swift). , her sister Daisy. (Judy Cornwell) and Rose (Shirley). Stallfox and Mary Miller) and neighbor Elizabeth Warden (Josephine Tucson). “Everybody knows about bluebells,” Clarke told The Telegraph (via NME).

The popularity of “maintaining the image” has led a small cottage industry to implement plans, including some very special plans. Some of them are led by Geoffrey Hughes as Onslow, Rose’s tough, lazy husband, and feature stage adaptations, a number of books, and broadcasts of the extremely Young Hyacinth prequel popularized in 2015. Most of the original members are still active in other shows, but others, like Routledge, have retired. Another person died after the last episode Keeping the Faith. Here is a list of dead actors spoilers.

Clive Swift is Hyacinth’s long-term husband, Richard

Richard Bucket, one of the most forgiving TV husbands in history, was Hyacinth’s husband and her reluctant partner in many social climbing scenes. Richard is a well-read, well-mannered man who enjoys performing his civil duties – mainly because he’s away from Hyacinth – until season three, when he’s forced to retire early. Richard spends most of the series either getting tired of the Hyacinths’ latest plans, or doing his best to stay away from them.

Clive Swift is best known for playing Richard in the 1990s after decades as an actor on stage, film and television. After working with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1960s, he was followed by Peter Hall’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream starring Helen Mirren and Judi Dench and in 1981 A Midsummer Night’s Dream. After feature films like Excalibur. He has also appeared in television shows such as Doctor Who and Inspector Morse. As filming began in 1995, Swift continued to work in television, including the return of Doctor Who and episodes of Hustle and the Midsomer Murders. Swift was married to writer Margaret Drabble from 1960 to 1975 and died on February 1, 2019, aged 83.

Geoffrey Hughes adds charm to indifferent Onslow

Onslow, the embodiment of the “handsome lazy guy” whose last name is never mentioned, is anti-labor, Daisy’s sleazy husband and Hyacinth’s source of joy. Contrary to accepted social behavior, he smokes, drinks beer and gambles all day long. However, he is a good friend to Richard, a wonderful (if not overly affectionate) husband to Daisy, and is very tolerant of Hyacinth’s behavior.

Jeffrey Hughes, who played Onslow for five seasons, began his career on stage, appearing in television series and starring in the 1960s and 70s films The Saint and Z. During this time, he also voiced Paul McCartney in the animated film The Beatles Yellow Submarine and appeared in the hit folk horror film Blood on Devil’s Claw.

He’s had a long run playing garbage collector Eddie Yates on Coronation Street and recurring thieves Twiggy and Kate in The Royal Family, while maintaining his image as the most popular TV project his. He also voiced the talking dog in the surreal film I, Lovett, alongside Norman Lovett in Red Dwarf (he appeared in the episode Save the Picture The Charity Shop).

Hughes was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1996 and thought it was in remission, but a house collapse in 2010 revealed the disease had returned. He died on July 27, 2012, at the age of 68

Mary Miller is the second rose

Musical star Mary Millar will join the cast of Rose, the youngest of the Walton sisters, in the second season of Keeping Up with Faith. Rose’s mistakes with various friends greatly influence Hyacinth’s attempt to adapt to what she believes to be high society. Although Hyacinth actually considers Rosa her own child, she tries not to let the neighbors know that she is his sister. Rose can get angry, especially when tired or depressed, but she was right.

Replacing Shirley Stelfox as Rose, Millar soon appeared in several West End musicals in Keeping Up with Faith. She was Julie Andrews’ assistant in Camelot and played Madame Geary in Theater Phantom during her time in London. Although she has appeared in many television shows and musicals, Still Image is her most memorable television role. With “Save the Picture,” he’s back in the cinema. Potts in the theatrical version of Beauty and the Beast. In 1998, an ovarian cancer diagnosis forced her to leave the show, and Miller died of the disease on November 10 of that year.

By Pablo