Steve Hunter and his family of four were horrified to find a KFC “party bin” full of “leftovers” and a large amount of missing fried chicken.

A father was furious that he had 27 pieces of chicken left when his order for a KFC “party bucket” arrived .

Steve Hunt of Norwich has booked a matchmaking deal for his family of four.

The campaign promises 14 pieces of chicken, eight tenderloins, eight sizzling chicken wings, and a large portion of popcorn chicken.

It should also include six servings of chips, a large bowl of salad, dressing, and a 1.5-liter bottle of Pepsi.

Unfortunately, the fast food party didn’t quite live up to expectations.

Inside the box there are three chicken nuggets, a bottle of Tropicana OJ and some “burnt pieces”.

He said: “I got a new job and we are going to throw a KFC party to celebrate.

“Me, my wife and my children – 15-year-old Myro and 12-year-old Sonny – we all yearned for the colonel’s child.

“When I arrived, my wife, Sireta, called from the kitchen and asked why I only ordered food for myself.

“I went and looked in the bucket – there were three pieces of chicken and grilled food.

“When I opened the bag, there was only a small bottle of orange juice, I didn’t call.

“Add 27 pieces of chicken, popcorn chicken, fries, gravy, coleslaw, Pepsi?”

Not disappointed, the family gave up KFC and bought McDonald’s for £30.

“Colonel Sanders really let us down – this is definitely the worst culinary mistake of all time,” Steve said.

A Deliveroo representative apologized to the family and offered a full £50 refund and letter of credit.

By Pablo